I feel I have been productive with my concept of my letters home dashboard.

I have researched different icons on Pinterest and felt that vectorised icons were the kind of icons I wanted to include in my design as I wanted to restrict myself to using 3/4 colours as I wanted to create a modernised and minimalistic design.

I feel this research on Pinterest really helped me decide on what kind of vectorised icons I would create. I also want to look at typography. I wanted to research this as I really wanted to include lettering as one of the icons. I used google to find the image below.


I felt this really gave me a better idea of how I wanted the design of Type Glossary Icon to look. I plan to use a variety of fonts and typography within that one icon. I plan to use illustrator to create my own icons. I plan to use the shape and pen tools to create them, so that they are designed vectorised. All I have to do know is pull all of the icons and text together.