I am so proud and so pleased with the way this magazine design has been finished. I felt like I have progressed so much with the software and feel much more confident in using InDesign now.

I wanted all the colours to link together, so I have stuck to a white background with black writing and some yellow writing, the pictures I have taken are either black and white or yellow. I chose the colour yellow as the egg yolk is yellow and I wanted the broken egg pictures to be a real focal point within the design.


I am happy with the typography I have also used within the design. I have only used two different styles as I wanted to create consistency within the design, so by choosing 2 styles of fonts I have done this.

Reflecting on the design I feel the only thing I would change would be the image of the egg whites. I feel as the bowl of whites has been taken against a black background it isn’t very noticeable that its egg white, so maybe in the future I will retake the image against a white background so that the whites stand out more. However, I feel that all 3 images within the double page spread connects with the content of the text which is talking about social connectivity being broken. The image to the right of the page is more direct to the content as it visually shows what I am talking about within the content of the text.

Overall I am so pleased and proud of this design and will definitely use InDesign more often to create pieces of work and design.