After a discussion with Ewan, I came up with a final design on the layout of my magazine spread. I knew where I wanted the title to go, and I knew exactly where I wanted the text to go as well, I found this so helpful as I was unsure as to how I was going to fit everything into the design. So we quickly sketched out a rough idea of where everything was going to go on the design, and where the images were going to be.

I already had a small idea of some imagery I would use within my text, however this was not a final idea yet. I wanted to double check my idea with Ewan, as I wasn’t sure if it was ‘too out there’. Turns out he loved my idea, and gave me some other ideas to add in a third photo.

My whole idea is based around broken and separated conversation between people in a social situation. So I had thought of photographing an egg. Obviously I wasn’t going to photograph the egg as it looks in its perfect shape. I wanted to break the egg shell and separate the yolk from the whites to show a separation in reality. I felt this was very minimalistic and just what my design layout would need. I wanted to show the egg whites and egg yolk in its simplest form.


This is an photograph I had taken of an egg which I had dropped from a height to show the brokenness of the egg.

I had the idea to show the broken egg this way, however I felt there was too much happening in the photo. So I decided to photograph the egg yolk and whites separately, as I felt there would be very little happening in the photo.

I felt the way I had photographed the two images above would be much better for my design.

I didn’t want to place the photographs together on the design, I wanted them to be separate (again to back up the idea and concept of things being separated). img_3677

This is a sketched out design of what I want my final design to look like. I decided to sketch it out with Ewan, so I knew exactly where things needed to go on my design when I started adding it into InDesign. Ewan had suggested a more direct image to help showcase my idea and thinking of being socially unconnected.

I decided I had to take an image of a group of people, showing no signs of being sociable with each other. I want to take a photo of people on their phones, showing that they are more interested in social media or digitally connecting with people as this was my idea and content about social connectivity.

I look forward to photographing this image, and creating my magazine on InDesign.