I started to research different use of colour within a magazine layout as I was really interested in just using three colours within the design. However I wanted to make sure this was definitely the design I was wanting to create so I started to google different magazine layouts to identify different use of colours within designs.


The above pictures, is a screenshot I had taken from google.

The images show how I looked at different colours within magazine design layouts. Whilst looking at the colour I was also looking for a style I liked. The top left image appealed to me, as I really liked the way they had used the colour and changed the shade of colour to create other styles of writing within the spread. Again the two styles only use the base of three colours and I really like this as it makes the writing and style stand out more.

I love the blue colour used in the top left picture, so I plan to replicate that along with the design itself for my project. I plan to use InDesign to do this.

I will be blogging my progress with this, as I am not 100% confident with using InDesign as I’m fairly knew to the knowledge of it.

I started to sketch out some of the ideas I had showing where things would go etc..


















These are just very quick sketches which would show an idea of where everything would go on InDesign.