So now we’re into our Connectivity theme, we have to link that to our project work.

One part of our Picture, Symbol, Icon module is to create a magazine design. The content within the layout has to be based on our thoughts and research into and about Connectivity – wherever that leads us. The actually design layout can be based on inspiration from other magazine editors or articles.

I have never written a piece of text in the format of a magazine, so I feel this part of the project will be a challenge (especially when it comes to using the software needed to complete the work.  However, we have had an InDesign tutorial with Ewan and I know feel much more prepared to put my magazine layout and it’s content together.

Once we had finished learning the ‘must-knows’ from InDesign in the media labs we headed back up to the studio where we went on to think a bit about what our content was going to be about, and what route of connectivity we were going to follow.

At first I was very confused as to what we actually had to write about, however after a small  discussion with Ewan and chats in our reading group I discovered I had come up with some ideas. So I started to take notes and sketches in my sketchbook. This really helped me think of lots of ideas into what kind of route I could follow. I was still unsure but was following the ideas I was coming up with as we have a group tutorial with Ewan next week, so he can correct anything misleading.


The above two images are images of my sketchbook with the ideas I have taken.

I wanted to think of lots of different topics and ideas before I could decide on a final theme for my connectivity content. I wanted there to be a change in colour to identify a change between my thinking.

I am looking forward to thinking more about this project and where it will lead me…