We talked through what professionalism is and what that meant to us within the field of design. We were split into groups by who had received good feedback about deciding to study design and who hadn’t had good feedback.

We had to show to everyone (as a group) what we thought that meant. As we knew it had to be a group effort we wanted everyone to be involved. We had jokingly thought of counting the number of letters to see if it would be the same amount of people in our group, so that we could each take a letter and use that to describe Professionalism. However, as we were jokingly counting round we figured out that we could make it work, so that’s exactly what we done.

We each took a letter from the word ‘Professionalism’ and helped each other come up with words which would relate to what we thought professionalism meant to us.


We worked together to come up with the presentation and we thought the best way to do this, would be to stand in a line and present the word professionalism to everyone. We each described the word that went with our letter to the class.