These are two images I had taken to show the white colour which would cover the cube.

The fact I have painted the cube white, enables the squares (which would light up to show the next direction) to stand out more and be more visible to the user.


The image above is a picture of the front face. Before the user decides what route they want to take the home face would have all three home start squares lit up, to identify which routes are available. The home face would be touchscreen so that the user would be able to tap which route they would like to follow. Once the user has identified which route they want to take, the other two ‘H’ letters would disappear so that the user would be able to follow their chosen route.


The image above is one I have taken. It shows how the user has chosen the green route and is being told to turn right, (as the right face of the cube from the home face has lit up).

The images above are pictures I have taken of the cube in action at the next step in the process.

The user has turned and twisted the squares on the cube (which have lit up green) and physically connected them to show the route going in line and going further around the cube. The squares will eventually follow each other and create a line right around the cube to indicate the route has finished and the user has reached their destination.