I decided I would make indentations within the cube to show the individual squares that would turn. I did this by measuring out the lengths and widths of each cube face and cut out using a coping saw. This allowed me to show a difference in height to show how the squares would visually look different.



I have developed my take on the rubik’s cube idea more and have come up with a solution to the navigational side to my design method. I had realised that I hadn’t actually thought through how it would functionally work. This meant I had to take time after a group tutorial with my module leader Martin to think about how it would function and how it would navigationally take someone through a walk around the city.

I had come up with the idea of having all squares on the cube white. All six sides would be white and there would be LED lighting within the cube which would light up an individual square which would lead the user in a certain direction. (As blue foam is an opaque object LED lights would not shine through. So I have decided I will paint some individual squares a different colour to highlight where the LED lights would be).  You would then turn the individual square which lights up so it would fit in line with the first square that has been lit up and as you gradually take directions the squares would make the form of your route.

I have decided to paint the cube white, and will be working on the individual colours once the white paint has dried.

I am excited to take this design further and create a more clear description of the idea, and create my concept board using this idea.