We had to create a map to show the journey we had when creating our landmark but also when we walked across the Tay Bridge. We decided to work as a team and create a big map using a hand drawn map of Dundee, the road bridge and Tayport. We worked as a team to create the map, as we each individually contributed something which helped with the initial making, and the final design of our map. I feel we communicated our ideas well and made sure we were all happy with the proceeding steps.

These were photographs I took over the design elements on the under passage of the bridge. And some sketching I had done over at Tayport. Also a picture I had taken on the way back across the bride, heading back over to Dundee. Some of these images ended up in our final map design.

We then completed our Landmark event and took our windmill out into Dundee to engage with the public. This was a success for us as a team, as we had worked well together to come up with the idea design but also worked as a team in speaking to people and encouraging people to write on our windmill. This is why we decided it would be best to create a group map to record our landmark event and bridge walk together. We were all coming up with ways in which we could design our map, but we had all agreed that we wanted our map to include the work of us all, so an easy way to do this would be to copy our work into our map digitally.

We realised we could then just do our whole map digitally. Two members of the group worked on drawings out a map of Dundee, the road bridge and Tayport. (The three places we had been). We wanted to play to each others strengths, so one person from our group was quite confident in working with photoshop, so we had designed how our map would look, what it would include, where things would be placed as team, and then the one person created the map digitally. We worked as a team to support what he needed done, in creating lettering etc to go on the map.


This is a JPEG file of the map we had all worked on and created.

I wanted to add in my own detail to the map. So I decided to explain some of the sketches or photographs we had added in.


This a JPEG file of the finished map once I had added in my own detail to the map. 

We decided to add in copies of all of our sketches, photographs as we were very aware we were creating a group map, so wanted to ensure all of our work was included.

We worked hard as a team to ensure we all knew where the pictures were going to be placed. As the map was meant to record where we had been and what we had done. We wanted to the placement of each image or sketch to be an important factor in our map. As we wanted to place the copies of the sketches or photographs where we had actually taken them on our journey. This was important for us, as we had all taken different sketches at different points. We felt this was a great way to show off our map, as we felt it would be self explanatory. For instance there was only one of us that had taken a sketch of our windmill down at the union so we included a copy of that sketch on the map to represent where the union would be.

We worked well as a team and overall we are all very happy with the final design of our map.