I have now created my final map design, after considering all the things previously stated in the blog titled: ‘Emotions within a Relationship.’ I have thought through how many lines/emotions I will be able to fit onto my design so I know have to think about what colours I will use and therefore what emotions I will include on my map. I know I have to create a legend which has to fit onto my map so I will have to ensure I leave enough space to include this onto the page.

I started by cutting out fresh male and female icons out and outlining them in fine line pens, so that the effect of the colour lines will be more prominent. I then started to outline some lines using pencil, and then started to go over the lines in pro markers, to give a strong sense of colour.


This is an image of my final design of Emotions in a Relationship map.

The whole idea of this map is to define the emotions and feelings within the relationship of two people. I have based my relationship between a male and a female. The space I have defined is the space within the bodies of two people, and the feelings the feel in their mind, heart and body. I really wanted to show the different emotions within a relationship and how they connect between two people. I have decided to use the underground tube map as inspiration, and as stated in the legend on the map, each colour of line within the heads and bodies represent a different emotion or feeling which the two people would feel within their relationship.

I have really enjoyed creating this map, and coming up with ideas to think about.

One thing is for sure, I will never think maps are boring again..