We have to come up with a new method which a user could physically use to navigate around a place. After some confusion on what kind of user I wanted to design for I have chosen to design a method which a new resident of Dundee would want to use to figure out their way around the city they are now going to be living in. I aim to focus my design at people between the ages of 20-30 (mostly students) as I want to be able to connect with the new design method myself.

I had come up with the idea of creating a cube which would lead people around the city in accordance to a specific route. There would be three routes available to be shown on the ‘cube’ and it would direct the user around Dundee by the user turning the cube – like a rubik’s cube – and lighting would appear in resemblance with the specific route to show the right directions.

I then discovered that it would resemble a rubik’s cube and thought that the idea of a rubik’s  cube navigating the user around Dundee would take them back to their childhood and create a memory for the user to reflect back to, whilst creating a new memory of discovering Dundee.

I wanted to incorporate a handle within the design and I had come up with the idea of creating a handle which would have a small screen and three interactive buttons on. This would allow the user to choose a route to follow and have a visual image of their route to refer back to.

I began to create a prototype handle using blue foam, and created fixtures for the users fingers to fit into so they could have a better grip on the handle. img_2906img_2914

I began to use a chisel to create the arches for the fingers to fit into. This method worked well with the blue foam.

I want to incorporate LED lighting into my design so I will be working on ways this could work with my ‘rubik’s cube design’.