So after a group tutorial with Ewan, I have decided to alter my idea slightly.

I have decided to focus my idea on emotions within a relationship, instead of the making of the relationship itself. I plan to do this using the tube map idea, that I had liked from previous creative maps I had saw on Pinterest. This was my map will be clearly identified and will be unique as I am using the basis of the tube map to map out different emotions. The lines of the emotions will not represent the lines which appear on the tube map, as I will be making the lines unique to my map, so that the space is filled within the two icons.

I have decided that as I am defining emotions within a relationship I will find it easier to change the icons to one male and one female. I am looking to my bestfriend’s relationship with her boyfriend as inspiration. I have already asked her what kind of emotions she feels within her relationship with him. However, I have also googled some relationship emotions to come up with some emotions, which might not be in my friends relationship. This will give me more depth when it comes to creating my map.

I printed off one male and one female icon, I then cut them out and traced around them, so that I could start sketching out some rough lines, to see how many I would be able to fit into the two people icons. When doing this I discovered I had no way of showing what each line meant. I decided I would link the colour of the line to the emotion within the relationship, as I feel this would define the space within their relationship. And this is something which the brief asks. I have defined the space within their hearts, bodies etc.


Here are images of some sketches I had done to prepare me for my final idea.

I researched the list of emotions my friend had given me, but also the other emotions I had researched on google myself. I researched colours which would represent those emotions, and I was lucky enough to find a full list of pretty much every colour, so I was able to have a link between the colour and the emotion. For example. The red line which connects the two hearts together on the two icons, represents love between the two people. This is a red line and is connected from one heart to the other.