As I had stated from a previous blog I was going to do some research on Pinterest to give me some inspiration on mapping. I was planning on looking out for 3D maps, as I was excited about the possibility of actually making a physical map. I decided I would start from square one and just look at different creative maps, and some of the ideas that people had already come up with.

I had seen lots of different designs. Some were mapping out ‘The Creative Process’ using made up roads and road signs to represent a feeling or a thought within the creative process. Others were mapping out the world using the countries name to represent the shape of that specific country. I liked this idea, but was unsure on how I could make it my own.

I saw one idea, which represented ‘The Tube Map’. This idea was creating a map to show the shapes of different sky scrapers within New York, showing the outlineĀ of the building using the tube map lines and colours. I really liked this idea, as to me an obvious map would be the Tube Map for my brain and mind just never processed the idea of using the tube map lines to show a creative map.

I had also seen a craft which someone had made, using the icons of two people cut out of a map to show where the couple had lived and met etc. I really liked this idea so decided I would try and incorporate two people into my map. I will go away and think this idea through more and see what needs work and defining.