As part of our Picture, Symbol, Icon module we have to create a map. It has to be a creative map. First of all, I had to ask myself what a creative map was. What does a creative map show? What is the function of a creative map?

Well after some research on google and pinterest I discovered that there is no real answer to what a creative map is or what the function could be, as they are quite unique. No creative map is the same. So here I am, back at square one. Where do I start. I decided to look back on the brief and really think about what it was asking.

“The space you decide to map, and the map’s function is up to you.”

This is a quote taken from our Orientation brief for Picture, Symbol, Icon.

I went onto Pinterest and researched creative maps as I know the map has to be creative, and not you’re typical map to show a geographical space. It could be anything we wanted it to be. The space we were defining could be any space we wanted. The function of our map could be what we wanted.

I’m getting excited about where this will lead me and what direction I will go in with this project.

I have decided I will go onto Pinterest and research other people’s creativity when it comes to maps. I hope this will give me some inspiration on what I could base my map idea on.