We have to think creatively about maps and how we can make a map our own. The brief in this module asks us to custom design a map of a defined space. The map we decide to design must serve a function to a specific user or group.

I have to decided that I will be creating a map to show a relationship. The defined space within my map will be the area in which the two people I decide to base my map on met and socialise together. I aim to show the map using male/female icon silhouettes as the outline of the maps, so the different aspects to the relationship will fit within the specified area(s).


I have decided I will base the relationship between two female best-friends, who end up sharing a flat together whilst studying at Dundee University after they meet in student halls for first year of study. I have decided I will use my relationship with my best-friend as inspiration. I will be thinking about places we like to eat, places we like to go, and things we like to do together which are all in Dundee.

Dundee University and Dundee City will be the two places I will base my map on. This will link to the brief as I have defined not one, but two spaces which the relationship map will link to. I have decided I will take a map of Dundee University Campus and the City Centre and edit them on illustrator, so I am left with two empty maps which I can then fill with my own information on the relationship.


This is an image I found on google which will act as the base of one of the icons.

I have also decided I will use a range of media within my relationship map. One of the restrictions within the brief is that the map can be no bigger than 40cm x 40cm. I aim to use digital software to outline my two maps but plan to use 3D physical objects and 2D colour, drawings and words to show the information within my map. Depending on how much time I have left I will either create a legend using digital software or by hand, however as my design will be 3D I would like the legend to look professional so I am aiming to give myself time to create a legend digitally.

I have realised I know need to think of the information which will be in my map. So I now plan to go away and build up the relationship between the two females and come up with ideas on the types of things they would do and wouldn’t do together.

I am looking forward to this project now I feel more relaxed about what I have to do and how I’m going to achieve it. I will need to take into account things I will need to buy from the uni art shop, as I am making my map a physical object. I’m really excited to see where this project will go and what the outcome will be.