As part of our new orientation brief for Ways of Seeing, we had to think about how Dundee was connected to the other surrounding towns and cities. As part of this, we were advised to spend time walking over the Tay Road Bridge and really think about what stood out and what landmarks we saw on the walk. We had to sketch our way over the bridge using photographs to record our journey aswell.

I decided to write this blog following the journey we followed, and start with some pictures I had taken at the start of our walk. We made the walk along the bridge, and one think I had taken note of, was how far away the Rail Bridge felt when we were actually on the Road Bridge. I’ve always thought the two were never far apart from each other, however on this walk I felt so far away from the other bridge.

I decided to stop and take some sketches.

I remember looking at this sign, about a quarter of the way across the bridge. The bridge is 50 years old. I remembered one of the people I spoke to from the last project was 80, and would have been alive when she saw a regeneration of the waterfront at the point when the bridge was built, and here she is again, seeing another regeneration of the waterfront. I was amazed at how close the houses in Tayport were to the water itself. I had always thought it was further inland, but there are houses right on the waterfront in Tayport.

We then got into Tayport and decided to take half an hour to take in the scenery and the views of Dundee. This is where I had done some more sketches.


This shows that we were sitting in Tayport, looking back at Dundee. We were able to see parts of Broughty Ferry to the right, as I remember seeing the castle at the edge of the land.

We then decided to make a move and head back towards Dundee.

I remember seeing how the weather had changed and continued to change our way back across the water into Dundee. On the way back over I remember focusing on how the Law Hill Monument was in line with the walkway, and you could see the monument from any view on the way back towards Dundee. I also remember looking at the build of the V&A Museum and thinking how I had never seen this side of the construction before, as you were higher up so were able to see over the construction walls and see how the cranes were adding panels onto the building etc.

Some of the sketches I had done I wanted to incorporate colour into, so I decided I would use think fine line coloured pen and coloured pencil so incorporate the colour into the sketch.