I started to read Chapter 1 ( Amateur Eyes) from Alexandra Horowitz book “On Looking”.

I personally didn’t find this book helpful in regards with the question of ‘Are Designers Defined by their Drawing and Sketching Skills?’ I found it hard to connect the book with the question. However, the book did help me think about what I look for, how I look at it and what I see as important when out walking or taking in scenery? We focus so much on one thing that we forget to see and open our eyes more to what else is around us.

Alexandra Horowitz described this in her book as “…attentions companion: inattention to everything else.”

This was a fantastic description of what it is like when we don’t see the things around the things we are focused on. I then began to think maybe that is what it is like for designers who aren’t strong in their sketching. If a designer is so focused on designing something and trying to physically make a model of their design they become oblivious to the sketching side of designing and vice versus. So often designers sketch out brilliant ideas and do scale drawings with great detail of a design, when in reality the design will fail when the practicality of making the design comes into focus.

So on reflection of my research and in reply to the question, I do not think designers should be defined by their drawing and sketching skills. This was the same answer I had before I started doing any reading or researching. However, even though my answer may not have changed, the reason behind my answer is different to the reason I had before. Before, I thought that designers shouldn’t be defined by their drawing and sketching skills  as all designers are different and hold different strengths and weaknesses, and they should be able to showcase their ideas through some form of presentation.

However, I know think designers shouldn’t be defined by their drawing and sketching skills as we only have one pair of eyes, which are our own. We cannot see what other people (whether they be designers or not) see, and I believe we should not be defining a designers skill strength or weakness on their own view or representation of something. Sketching and drawing means something slightly different to everyone and therefore they can showcase their work through sketches and drawings, whether they happen to be strong in their eyes or not.

I really found this research and reading interesting, as it made my brain think and my eyes see things that I wouldn’t have looked out for before. This project has opened our eyes in so many ways, when in some cases they may have been – hypothetically closed.