My view on defining a designer just by their drawing and sketching skills are changing again. From a group tutorial with Christine, I had realised that I was looking at drawings and sketches as the same thing, however reflecting on this I have realised that the two are different. I hadn’t realised that because they are different, my view on the question itself might change, because I know see them as different things. I realise that quick sketches, may look like small thumbprint sized sketches, not full A4 sized sketches, which allow for more detail within the sketch, which in turn could look like a drawing of something.

These are some of my own sketches of the McManus Galleries. However reflecting on what defines a sketch I feel these may be classed as drawings, as they are the size of a full A4 page, not a small thumbprint sketch. On reflection of this, I wanted to sketch in the way Dan Roam suggests, using the six ways we see.

“Who/What, how many, where, when, how and why?”


This led me onto another question: is it part of a designers job description to sketch ideas, and draw out ideas? If so, and they are weak in their drawings but strong in their sketches, does that make them a bad designer? (And vice versus). Even though, the process they go through, the way the see things, and the way the visualise things is a big strength in their designs. OR is it just to physically design things, and make models of things?

A product designer may be able to draw out their design in detail and to complete scale, they may also be able to make a scale model or prototype of their design but they may not be able to create a quick, loose, non-detailed sketch of their design. They have gone through the process of developing their design ideas through drawings but not sketches. I feel this wouldn’t define them as a designer, as they have still managed to create the design and showcase their design

On reflection of asking myself this question, I find myself widening my views on the question again. Designing is about going through the process in which we think. It’s about the creativity of our minds, and how we see things, not just about WHAT we design, HOW we design it.

Dan Roam said in his book The Back of the Napkin “…we don’t see in just one way at all.” He was talking about his view on ‘seeing the whole picture’. As designers, because our minds are full of wonderful and creative thoughts, we have the ability to see things from lots of different angles.