We were given an assignment from Ewan last week to do in our own time, which related to the work we had started on in our reading groups in class. So we had to come up with three phrases or words. Then go through the same creative process as we had done last week, to create ideas for a minimalist poster.

To begin with I really struggled with finding the actual phrases to base my poster on. You’d think for a creative design student this would be the easy part? I began to write a list of descriptive¬†words and then think of phrases from there on, I realised that as I was doing this more ideas began to spring to mind, and it became easier.

I had my final phrases ready now.

Balancing the books.

Blessing in Disguise &

In at the Deep End.

I really wanted my poster to be as creative as possible, so I started off by going through the same creative process as we had used in our reading groups and was coming up little sketches and words I could maybe incorporate into a final design.

Looking back this was a great way to come up with ideas as each little sketch and each little word lead me on a different path, which made an assignment like this a lot easier to do on my own. As I’ve found in the past it’s hard to be creative on your own as you have no one else’s ideas to bounce off. So this for me was a great way of creating ideas for my poster. I remember thinking I had to try to focus on how the final poster would look as I knew we had to use actual objects in our posters. On reflection of my process this maybe wasn’t the best thing to be focusing on, as by doing so, I had forgotten the most important thing.

It had to be minimalistic.

And by focusing on trying to create posters I could use real objects in, I had forgotten to keep my ideas minimalistic. I decided to carry on and go with the designs I had thought of, and would seek advice from Ewan and other people in class.

I was really happy with my ‘Balancing the Books’ poster design as I felt there were a few roads I could go down with this idea. So I sketched out two ideas and would look to Ewan for guidance on where to go next with them.


I had really thought through how I would go about photographing the final design and how I would create the design. I was struggling to think of ways I could add in the balancing beam into a final photographed poster, so I sketched out my second idea.

My other two ideas, I was not so confident with. I realised – as I said before – they were not minimalistic and they would be hard to photograph using real objects.

The feedback I got from Ewan on these two designs was very helpful and lead me onto other ideas. I realised after speaking with him about my designs that they were both quite illustrative and not what the assignment was about. I looked at this as helpful criticism which lead me onto other designs.

I plan to go and think up other ways of creating these posters, and how to make them more minimalistic. Which is exactly what the brief asks for.