Who said working with clay was easy?

Who said we could register to class using a microchip?

Well let me tell you…working with clay isn’t easy for everyone and yes…we can register to class using a microchip.

And yes it is inside our clay model.


Planning what to create was for me the hardest part. We were asked to create something which reflects us and our identity – oh there’s that identity word again! Well surely creating something which reflects who you are should be an easy thing to do, right?

I started off thinking of things that I like doing and things which make me happy and my mind just went blank. Looking back now I think I was maybe looking too much into it and worrying too much about the practical side of creating it, as this side of design is not my strong point, it also happened to be the first time I was using clay.

We also had to think of how we were going to insert our chip into our model.

My original design was to create a cocktail glass as I love to socialise with my friends and create different cocktails, however as I was designing this I realised that it was going to be difficult to add the chip into the design due to the size of glass I was creating, and then I realised I could make a teacup as this again symbolises socialism and I feel I am a very sociable person and I love drinking tea, and I am intrigued by tea leaf readings, but the micro chip would also fit better in this design due to the size of tea-cup.

I feel the actual design of my tea-cup looks very simple but I feel there is more detail in the thought behind it. I want to create some designs around the walls of the teacup, to add more depth to the design.

So watch this space for more pictures on further designs on my teacup.