Today I decided I would work from home, as we had the opportunity to do so, I feel for today it was a good decision to do this, however I am very aware that I don’t want to fall into the trap of working from home and then not being as productive, so I aim to go into the studios and library on campus on other self study days.

From reflecting on work we had done with Jo on Monday, I realised I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask the people of Dundee. So I had been thinking about ways I could do this, and how I would ask the public the right questions and I thought of making a questionnaire to remind myself of the important questions I wanted answers too.

So after the past two days of thinking about making a questionnaire, today I wrote down what type of answers I would want and therefore wrote down what kind of questions I would need and want to ask. Reflecting this now, it was a great stepping stone to finding out some answers about Dundee. As I moved on to creating a more professional looking questionnaire, which I have emailed to some family friends that have lived in Dundee for more than ten years.

I realise this is a great way of reaching out to the people of Dundee as I now feel more prepared and confident in going around Dundee High Street and asking some people some of the questions I have prepared. I also feel the public will be more inclined to talk to me and answer some of my questions if I am more confident in the questions I am asking.

I hope to hear from the people I have already emailed my questionnaire too, but I also plan to go out into Dundee and ask the public their views on some of my questions. I feel in doing this I will have more of an idea about the city of Dundee and what the people of Dundee think of their home city!

I look forward to getting more replies and how I will review the answers I hope to receive. I may write a report on my findings or I may blog about my findings.