So yesterday was day two of being a University Student.

We learnt more about identity, and how we can look at identity in more than one module. Rather than training our minds to think about identity associated with only one module we should train our minds to think about identity through all of our modules. I had never really thought identity would be more than the identity of a human, until we were given exercises from Ewan, in the morning of yesterday.

We worked in our reading groups and we had to create a journey using word association. To begin with I was panicking and worrying as I didn’t really understand what this meant and what it involved. As soon as were actually doing the exercise together and bouncing of each other’s ideas, I began to feel more relaxed in my thinking. Everyone in my reading group has got great ideas, so it was so helpful and exciting to me that their ideas and thoughts triggered different thoughts and ides in my mind. I am really looking forward to working more with them and creating more ideas with them.

We did lots of quick sketches and drawings associated with words and small phrases. It reminded me a bit of mind mapping we used to do in high school. It was such a great way to look at all of our ideas. We were given some homework to complete for next week and it involves going through the same process we did for the exercise in class. thumb_img_2229_1024

We were also given another project to work on in our own time -again focused on identity. I am really excited about this project as it involves going out and photographing Dundee’s environment.