So today was my first day as a University first year student, which means it’s also the first day I will post on my new blog website. However, this also means it’s my very first blog. This is such a new thing for me to do, and right now, very out of my comfort zone.

It was the first time I had ever been taught in a design studio. The space is great, so open and bright and really free, which for me is a great way to be creative and process different ideas. It was also the first time I had been taught in a lecture theatre, this space was not so open and not so bright as the studios, however looking back I feel the lecture theatres are a great place to process written work and be creative in a different way.

We were separated into our ‘Reading Groups’ which for me was the first time I had been given a ‘reading group’. We were briefed on the first of three modules on my course, and already feel like there will be so much to do. We were given time to separate off and explore the city, which will be a major focal point in our studies for the next four years. We photographed our findings and research of the city we are now studying in. After living fifteen miles away from Dundee my whole life and travelling to Dundee quite frequently, today was the first day I had really appreciated the city for more than just the high street.

The fact we were able to walk to all the different places we went to, including the newly built Slessor Gardens and construction site for the V&A Museum and from there up to the historical Caird Hall and MacManus Galleries really stood out to me, and for the first time I felt a real pride in the city and a sense of love towards what is a wonderful city.


So today was full of firsts.

First days,

first blog,

first reading groups,

first realisations.

The first tasks we were given today, filled me with excitement, joy but also apprehension.

I  hope my second day as a first year university student fills me with the same excitement and joy as my first day has done.